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A fresh, spritzy sweet wine. The palate gives flavours of strawberries, raspberries and fresh tropical fruits. It needs to be served chilled and will pair well with Asian food such as Szechuan and Thai.

Region: South Australia

Alcohol: 8.8% Alc/Vol

A very approachable wine that is smooth with luscious fruit sweetness and characters of juicy cherry and dark plum. It is drinking brilliantly at the moment and will pair well with either mild dishes or food with strong flavours.

Region: South Australia

Alcohol: 14.0% Alc/Vol

A rich and alluring mix of black currant and forest berry with some minty leafy characters. An easy-drinking,  full flavored fruit-driven wine ready to be enjoyed now.

Region: South Australia

Alcohol: 14.0% Alc/Vol

A classic blend of spicy, red berried Shiraz with juicy, fragrant
Grenache. This wine is highly aromatic, with pretty red fruits
and hints of spice complemented by delicate vanillin oak


Region: Barossa Valley


Alcohol: 14.8% Alc/Vol

The primary fruit characters of ripe plum, cherry and blackberry are well complimented by alluring vanillin oak notes and subtle spice. It paires well with meat, gamey food and robust pasta dishes.

Region: McLaren Vale

Alcohol: 15.2% Alc/Vol

Crown Oak 2018 Centenarian Old Vine Shiraz

Made from 100 year old vines from the world famous wine region Barossa. A well rounded wine which has both elegance and richness with fine long finish, and shows very attractive creamy, vanillin oak notes and cigar box undertones. Great cellaring potential!

Region: Barossa

Alcohol: 15.5% Alc/Vol

A brilliant blend of the high-end Cabernet Sauvignon from Coonawarra and the old vine Shiraz from Barossa. The wine hits the mouth with rich, ripe plums, blackcurrant, minty leaf and chocolate complimented by a luscious texture and exceptional length of palate. The vanillin character on the finish that is provided by 28 months ageing in American oak to create a smooth lingering mouthfeel. 

Region: Coonawarra & Barossa

Alcohol: 15.5% Alc/Vol

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